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Fun with the Maryland STEM Festival

Sep 24, 2021

PJ Gilley, Manufacturing Leader, discusses his work at the Gill Corporation making composite for airplanes

Sep 22, 2021

Richard Muttai, Quality Assurance Manager, discusses his path to and work at Pii.

Sep 16, 2021

In this rebroadcast of an earlier episode, Sarah Roth, Technology Manager, discusses the work of the NASA Balloon Program Office and her background in Chemical Engineering. The Balloon Program is one of NASA’s best kept secrets..

Sep 15, 2021

Brian Cook, District Instructional Technology and Innovation Coach, discusses his work in Worcester County Public Schools and with the Maryland Society for Education Technology.

Sep 9, 2021

Jon Stresing, Account Manager, discusses his work at NVIDIA, the Maryland Army Guard and AFCEA Central Maryland Chapter