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Fun with the Maryland STEM Festival

Nov 8, 2023

This is episode 456 of the Fun with the Maryland STEM Festival Podcast. This special episode features three classic interviews. The first interview is with Dexter Carr of Game4Good who is running our eSports and STEM Festival this weekend recorded in February 2022. The second interview is with Tony Powell of Philosophy who developed our video game, Agrownomics recorded in June 2018. The final interview is with Tronster Hartley from Firaxis who will be a panelist at the eSports and STEM Festival recorded in January 2022. Dexter discusses his efforts to make a positive social impact through video games and eSports. Tony Powell discusses why he became a video game developer, how video game development is connected to STEM and Agrownomics, the game he is developing for the Festival to show the connection between STEM and Agriculture. Tronster discusses his career at Firaxis and the local gaming industry and community.